Shakira White

Shakira White moved to Charlotte eight years ago and immediately fell in love with its unique culture. “Charlotte is a melting pot for people from all over the country—making it multicultural and diverse—and because of her growth, we’re also seeing an influx of developments and infrastructure that add to the city’s beauty and economic potential.”

Committed to this community, Shakira became a Realtor so she could enlighten and encourage people to own homes, not only to build wealth but to avoid the rising rents so prevalent right now in Mecklenburg County. “I want to show people the value of home ownership and then create a path for them to get there. To do this, I listen carefully to their needs and goals and then do everything within my professional reach to help them achieve that.”

Fitness has always been a big part of Shakira’s life (she was a collegiate athlete at Walter’s State Community College), and she enjoys Charlotte’s many outdoor parks and proximity to the mountains and beach “I love exercising outdoors, playing sports with my daughter Karis, swimming, bike riding, mountain climbing, skating, and pretty much anything under the sun that involves being active.”

In her spare time, she also volunteers through the Next Level Realty Plus Mentoring Program—which educates and provides real-world experience to high school students who are interested in becoming real estate agents. 

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